Recent Biohazard Before & After Photos

Sewer Backup

Nobody is ever ready for a sewer backup ! This sewage backup at a St. Augustine residence caused raw sewage to overflow all over the flooring of this home. The ... READ MORE

Sewage Damage in St. Augustine Condo

Sewage backed up into this St. Augustine Condo and ruined the hardwood floors in the entire unit. SERVPRO of St. Augustine packed the home owners contents out, ... READ MORE

Sewage Backup in St. Augustine Office

Sewage Backup in any office building can create dangerous hazards for both employers and employees. In this office, hundreds of gallons of black water flooded t... READ MORE

Sewage Backup in St. Augustine Beach Condo

This sewage backup almost spoiled someone’s vacation in St. Augustine Beach. Guests came back from spending a day on the water to find the master bathroom... READ MORE