Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Roof Leaks Can Cause Mold

A Leaky roof can cause serious damage that may not show up for months. A slow leak in the roof caused microbial growth in this St. Augustine home. SERVPRO of St... READ MORE

We See This all to Often

SERVPRO St. Augustine was called to this commercial office kitchen because of a musty odor. All too often this is what we find when we are called. Its the water... READ MORE

Mold Affects Furniture in Home

These two photos each show the before and after affects of our mold remediation techniques on furniture and contents. No matter the surface; whether it's a valu... READ MORE

St. Augustine Vacation House, Mold Tear Out

This St. Augustine vacation property had an unknown moisture leak, while the owners were summering back up North. Because the water and mold damage went unident... READ MORE

A Damp Leaking Window Caused Microbial Growh

Scary but true, sometimes moisture can cause problems in places you can't see. This office window was hiding a large amount of mildew and moisture behind its ba... READ MORE

Frightening Microbial Growth in this Garage

After receiving a call from this distraught homeowner SERVPRO of St. Augustine was sure they could get this problem under control. Once it was determined the mo... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Attic

SERVPRO of St. Augustine called out to assist a customer in Elkton with mold remediation services needed in his attic. Mold can produce allergens and irritants ... READ MORE

Mold Damage - Commercial Agricultural Building

Mold damage at this St. Augustine facility was present due its prior usage. It was a growth facility for bacteria for agricultural purposes. Commercial mold rem... READ MORE

Mold Can't Hide From SERVPRO Professionals

This St. Augustine Beach home had a continuous problem with a damp, moldy crawl space. SERVPRO of St. Augustine professionals helped consult with home owner, an... READ MORE

Mold Growth in St. Augustine Beach Residence

This St. Augustine Beach home sat vacant and on the market for too long. With improper ventilation and no HVAC, this house became the perfect breeding ground fo... READ MORE