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Image shows SERVPRO technician with his back to the camera extracting carpet in a hallway.

Water Extraction Helps Carpet Dry Faster

When Water Damage strikes, it's important to extract as much moisture as possible in order to help materials dry more quickly. SERVPRO technicians are trained and certified in IICRC standards to take care of your water damage as efficiently as possible.

Image shows office cubicles, cabinets, and grey carpet covered with water.

Office Water Damage Causing Problems at Work?

Water Damage at the office can cause disruption for employees and affect productivity. Call SERVPRO of St. Augustine, 904-829-0665 if you walk into work in the morning and your work space looks like this.

Image shows SERVPRO ad related to storm season.

Ponte Vedra Recorder, 2020 Storm Season Ad

Check out our new ad in the Ponte Vedra Recorder for Storm Season 2020. We are dedicated to keeping those in St. Johns County (and the rest of the First Coast) safe and prepared for this year's hurricane season.

Image shows classroom of professionals watching a presentation.

SERVPRO Training for the Southeast Region

Bringing our SERVPRO owners together to have transparent, meaningful, and open discussions on topics that matter to them and their market.

In the Southeast Region, we are committed to delivering best in class support to our franchise network.

Image shows mold discoloring a ceiling in a garage.

A Roof Leak Causes Mold

A slow roof leak caused this damage to a calling in St. Augustine. Sometimes it's the water that you don't see that causes slow microbial growth right under your nose. Luckily for this homeowner SERVPRO of St. Augustine found the cause of the mold, treated the area with an anti-microbial, and were able to fix the roof and move on without worry.

Image shows shelving with green drying equipment.

SERVPRO of St. Augustine, Ready For Anything

At SERVPRO of St. Augustine we have the equipment to make your Commercial Water Damage "Like it never even happened." Not only do we have more than enough equipment to dry you out, we have relationships with other SERVPRO franchises in every town. Just take a look at our state of the art warehouse and drying equipment. Even though we have a lot of equipment, we have access to more if needed.

Image shows air movers lined up in our warehouse.

Air Movers, We Have the Equipment

At SERVPRO of St. Augustine we have the best equipment in the business. These AirMax Air Movers take up less than half the space as our old equipment, are more energy-efficient, and work twice as hard. Cutting down drying time and equipment rental costs for our customers. At SERVPRO of St. Augustine we pride ourselves on our efficiency and our ability to dry out your home or business as quickly as possible. 

Images shows hurricane graphic.

Always Ready for Whatever Happens

Watching storms and helping our customers prepare is a priority. Hurricanes can be so unpredictable. Although we are on the East Coast we are ready to travel and help others on the Gulf Coast as well.

Image shows a large pile of unwrapped toys.

Toys for Charity With the St. Augustine Board of Realtors

SERVPRO St. Augustine loves our community. We recently attended a breakfast for the St. Augustine/ St. Johns County Board of Realtors and helped collect toys for a local charity. There will be a lot of kids with extra gifts under the tree thanks to their organization.

Image shows holiday gift baskets.

Giving Back to Our Favorite Clients

During the holidays giving back is something we love to do. This year we bought local products from small businesses in St. Augustine to give as gifts to some of our loyal customers this season.

Image shows a classroom style meeting in a ballroom.

Priority Response Training With SERVPRO in Georgia

SERVPRO teams from around the Southeast are meeting in Georgia for Priority Response, Large Loss Training. This two-day class helped us better prepare for Commercial Response, and offer our customers the support they need.

Image shows 2 men looking over large generator in a parking lot.

Sunbelt Partners Train in Supplemental Power

Our National Partners at Sunbelt train our teams in Supplemental Power supply. At SERVPRO of St. Augustine we have our own generators and can help you repower your office, home, or any other facility.

Image shows collage with the front of a training facility, and a presentation on projector in the training classroom.

IICRC Training in Georgia

SERVPRO of St. Augustine attends IICRC, Commercial Drying Standards (CDS) training in Georgia. Our management team went up for a week to get additional certifications in commercial drying techniques to help our customers who experience large loss.

Image shows bed linens over blood and an accident.

Bio Hazard Clean Up

Biohazard is a service we at SERVPRO of St. Augustine are specially trained and licensed to handle. We are EPA certified for biohazard removal and disposal. SERVPRO of St. Augustine was able to come in and clean up this blood and bodily fluids just a few days before Christmas.

Image shows discoloration and moisture inside cabinet.

Mold Found Inside Cabinets

This customer found microbial growth, moisture, and discoloration inside their storage cabinets at work. Unfortunately, an unknown and untreated leak underneath the cabinets caused the issue. Call SERVPRO St. Augustine, 904-829-0665 for any microbial issues you suspect, before they get worse.

Image shows water in an interior hallway.

Water Runs Through Downtown Offices

This business in downtown Jacksonville was surprised to find their basement full of water after a first-floor pipe broke. SERVPRO of St. Augustine brought their state of the art drying equipment quickly to extract several inches of water, and start the drying process.

Water on hard wood floors with hoses.

Water Damage Affects Hardwood Flooring

A fire suppression system in a ceiling broke in the middle of the night at this Marsh Landing business. Water poured out for hours, until the employees arrived at work the next morning to find water rushing out of their front door. SERVPRO St. Augustine can get you back in business.

Image shows drying equipment on carpet.

Water Damages Office Carpet

A resort in St. Johns County experienced a large loss in a combination of water and fire damage. SERVPRO of St. Augustine not only arrived on the scene in 45 minutes, but we have the unique tools to solve different types of drying problems. We isolate the moisture and treat it aggressively, cutting down on drying time.

picture shows water pouring in to school halls.

Flagler College Floods After Hurricane Matthew

Flagler College is a landmark in beautiful St. Augustine Florida. In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew flooded the streets of St. Augustine and spilled into the Historic College just a month into their fall semester. SERVPRO got the school back up and running in no time. Water in your business, church, or school? Call SERVPRO St. Augustine 904-829-0665.

Image shows kitchen counter, microwave, and refrigerator covered with black soot and smoke.

Microwave Causes Kitchen Fire in St. Augustine

Faulty wiring in this microwave caused this kitchen fire. Luckily the homeowner called SERVPRO of St. Augustine and we were able to get the kitchen back to its original state, after some deep cleaning, new cabinetry, and new appliances. We worked with the homeowners insurance company to get their kitchen back to preloss condition.

Image shows mold in a closet.

Leaking Pipe Causes Bathroom Mold

Sometimes it is the water you don't see that causes the most damage. A leaking pipe inside a closet caused this microbial growth in a St. Augustine home. SERVPRO of St. Augustine has all of the equipment to get you back to normal. "Like it never even happened." Call today for a free quote, 904-829-0665.

Mold growth on drywall, coming through paint.

Mold Takes Over Home

Microbial growth can turn up anywhere, and untreated water damage can make it worse. SERVPRO of St. Augustine can take care of all of your mold and mildew issues, get you in touch with an industrial hygenist, and make your home safe again.

image shows fire damage in a kitchen.

Fire and Soot Devastate This Kitchen

SERVPRO of St. Augustine helped this home after a grease fire put soot, grease, and smoke throughout their kitchen. We cleaned contents, fixed cabinets, repainted, and handled the odor. We make fire damage "Like it never even happened."

Image shows wet carpet in an office hallway.

Commercial Water Damage Halts Business

A leaking roof damages this office complex/ business park in St. Augustine. Unfortunately, the carpet, cubicles, computers, and office furniture were all affected, and a wet office isn't a safe office. Water damage to the workplace also causes a loss in worker profitability and lost hours. 

Image shows 3 SERVPRO ladies with white polos holding The Players sign.

SERVPRO of St. Augustine Volunteers at TPC

Giving back to the community is something we love to do in St. Johns County. Did you know that The Players Championship is completely run by volunteers? This allows them to give back millions every year to local charities.

Image shows water and paint damage to a white wall.

Hurricane Matthew Damage Causes Paint and Wall Damage

Water from storm surge ruined these walls in a St. Augustine Home. SERVPRO of St. Augustine was able to help the homeowner remediate the damage and dry out their structure. After the drying process, we repaired the drywall and plaster damage and helped get their home back to normal.

Residential Mold Damage in Closet

The home had a slow leak behind the wall in this closet/ the reverse side to the bathroom shower stall in the room next door. The room was seldom used so the home owners were unaware of this microbial growth until it was very serious.

SERVPRO green drying equipment stacked against a wall.

SERVPRO Air Movers Ready for Large Loss

We brought over 100 pieces of equipment to the fire damage turned large water loss in St. Augustine at the St. Johns County Convention Center. We have one of the largest personal drying inventories in Northeast Florida, as well as the teams and additional inventory to get the job done, no matter the size.

Mold Growth and Pest Control Issue in Attic

This attic crawl space above a resort hotel's guest room was covered in mold, bird droppings, and bug carcasses. SERVPRO of St. Augustine HEPA vacuumed the affected area, tore out and replaced the insulation, and treated the rafters with an antimicrobial agent.

Leak Under Bathroom Sink Causes Mold

A leak under this bathroom vanity caused microbial growth on the bathroom walls while this rental property sat vacant. SERVPRO of St. Augustine was able to tear out the affected drywall and replace the bathroom vanity before this house was re-listed back on the market.

Soot Damage 25 Feet in the Air

This ballroom's drop ceiling was affected by fire and water damage as a result of faulty display equipment during a trade show. SERVPRO of St. Augustine has the equipment to reach all affected areas. The chandeliers were full of water from the building's fire suppression system. Their first priority was for us to dry them out and save them.

Image shows training center with instructor.

SERVPRO Does Continuous Training to Stay a Step Ahead

Our Owner Robin, and Office Manager, Lori went to Tallahassee for North Florida's Work Center Training! We can't wait until this new program rolls out. It will help streamline our office and client account systems.

Our Fleet Arriving at Commercial Large Loss in St. Augustine

Our fleet arrived quickly with over 100 pieces of drying equipment. We brought in 30 people each day for eight days to complete the work on this commercial fire and combination water loss. 

Mold Growth in Home Due to Moisture Leak

Why do I need Mold Mitigation & Remediation? The main problem with the presence of mold in buildings, is the inhalation of mycotoxins. Molds may produce an identifiable smell. Growth is fostered by moisture. After a flood or major leak, mycotoxin levels are higher in the affected area and could cause harm to you, your family, and pets.

Fire Damage in World Golf Village

A fire broke out in the ballroom of the St. Johns County Convention Center during a trade show. SERVPRO of St. Augustine arrived within 45 minutes to begin mitigating the damage.

Fire Damage at St. Johns County Convention Center

Our crews cleaned everything in this ballroom, from the ares above the ceiling to the walls and furniture. We have all the large commercial equipment to get the job done right.

Commercial Water Damage, St. Johns County

A resort in St. Johns County experienced a large loss in a combination of water and fire damage. SERVPRO of St. Augustine not only arrived on the scene in 45 minutes, but we have the unique tools to solve different types of drying problems. We isolate the moisture and treat it aggressively, cutting down on drying time.

Residential Mold Damage

This drywall had to be removed after rising flood waters caused microbial growth. You can easily see how high the water line got in this home just by looking at the microbial growth. This is why it's important to not try to take can of water damage yourself.

Fire Damage at St. Johns County Convention Center

When fire breaks out, smoke and soot go everywhere, including above the drop ceiling. SERVPRO of St. Augustine commercial cleaning crews cleaned every inch of the surfaces affected, including the pipes and electrical systems above the ceiling.

Fire Causes Water Damage at World Golf Village

A trade show fire led to a large commercial water loss when their over head fire suppression system deployed, putting their fire out! Luckily the system worked as it should have and the building suffered no structural damage as a result of the fire.

Emergency Ready Profiles

Emergency Ready Profiles (ERP's) ready for businesses in St. Augustine. We can freely assess your commercial building and make sure your business, school, church, or civic building is ready for whatever happens.

Storm Damage in Cedar Key, Florida

We're here in Cedar Key, Florida assessing damage from Hurricane Hermine. We will travel anywhere the storm strikes to help local SERVPRO franchises serve their clients. Notice the contents by the side of the road. It's important to throw out affected contents after a category three, rising water event. Flood waters carry contaminants that you don't want in your home or business.

Water Damage Training

IICRC certification training in water damage at our training facility in Tennessee. One of the things that sets SERVPRO apart from other restoration companies, is that our training is second to none.

St. Francis House Demolition

Our team volunteered to tear out and remediate the St. Francis House after Hurricane Matthew. The St. Francis House provides valuable services to the Saint Augustine homeless community and we were honored to be able to donate our services to help them dry out and rebuild after the storm.

Associate of the Year, St. Johns Builder's Council

We are so proud of John Howard for receiving the Associate of the Year Award for the St. Johns Builder's Council! We are glad to have him on our team at SERVPRO of St. Augustine.

Hurricane Hermine

Looks like we are heading home from Louisiana just in time for another storm. Hurricane Hermine is on the way and we made it to Tallahassee just in time. We were able to help long time fellow franchisees and friends, the Horners who own SERVPRO of Tallahassee.

SERVPRO Never Runs Out of Equipment

Don't worry, we don't run out of equipment. SERVPRO Industries, Inc. can handle any size disaster. There is always another SERVPRO franchise or large loss team ready to back us up when a big storm strikes.

Storm Damage in Louisiana

This photo says it all, so many lost everything. Please donate what you can to! The people of Baton Rouge are amazing and coming together as a community.

Keeping it Green

SERVPRO has the best equipment in the industry. Whatever the restoration job, trust that we have the tools to do the job right, the first time. We're always testing new equipment to make sure we're at the forefront of the industry.

Strom Travel to Baton Rogue, Louisiana

On our way out to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to help other SERVPRO franchises dry out their local home and business owners. With thousands of homes suffering from flood damage, they need all the help they can get and we're ready.

State of the Art Restoration Equipment

SERVPRO of St. Augustine is 'SERVPRO Ready' at a moment's notice to travel to any storm or commercial large loss. We are able to run two extraction wands at once off of this 'double suck' truck mount.

Annual Best Buddies Casino Night

We sponsored the Ninth Annual Best Buddies Casino Night benefiting our local Best Buddies Charity. Thank you Cole Slate real Estate for organizing such a fun event for a great cause.

First Coast Blessings in a Backpack

Tom and Robin Braddock, owners of SERVPRO of St. Augustine serve on the board and volunteers for First Coast Blessings in a Backpack. Pictured above is Manager Sedrick from Walmart, presenting a check for $2000 to First Coast Blessings in a Backpack. To learn more about our local Blessings chapter visit

Image shows green SERVPRO of St. Augustine van in a parking lot.

SERVPRO Dodge Ram Pro-Master

Presenting our new SERVPRO Dodge Ram Pro-Master. Helping SERVPRO of St. Augustine make your Water, Fire, Mold, Bio-Hazard, or Sewage Back-Up “Like it never even happened.” Our Crew Chief, Jabora loves her brand new truck!

TEAM SERVPRO of St. Augustine

Or awesome staff at SERVPRO of St. Augustine. From Left: Donnie -Crew Chief, Lauren -Business Development Rep., Jason -Crew Chief, Mike E. -Production Manager, Jabora -Technician, Savannah -Office Administrator, Lauren -Office Manager, Michael -Director of Marketing, Osvaldo -Technician, Mario -Technician, Robin -Owner, Mark -Technician. Not pictured: Severiano -Crew Chief, Rodney -Crew Chief, Andrea -Business Development Rep., Mike A. -Technician, Olivia -Business Development Rep., Tom -Owner, Andrew -Estimator.

St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce, Member

SERVPRO of St. Augustine is a member of the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce. We are proud to have been in business in St. Johns County since 1981, to support the local economy, and hire its local residents.

St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce, Seasonal Blend

It is a pleasure to be a member of the St. Johns Chamber of Commerce and to give back to our community through the efforts of The Alpha-Omega Miracle Home

Large Loss? Not a Problem For SERVPRO of St. Augustine

Our team is on a large loss at a major resort, working day and night to provide excellent service and make it "like it never even happened." No matter the size of the loss, we have the equipment and expertise to provide excellent service.