What our Customers say...


The team onsite was kind, courteous and professional.

Andrew was prompt and professional. 9's and 10's across the board for service. We will definitely use them again. 

Jake did an awesome job cleaning our carpets. I would not use anyone else but SERVPRO of St. Augustine to clean any of my rentals or business. They can be trusted to give perfect service and quality of work.

SERVPRO St. Augustine is always prompt and professional. We have worked with them on several occasions and have always been happy with their service. We will use them again.

Andrew was very professional. Certificate of satisfaction was all 10's. We could not have asked for better service.

I would use SERVPRO of St. Augustine again with my future cleaning and restoration needs. All 10's on our customer satisfaction survey !

We have used SERVPRO for most of our cleaning of the common areas at our complex. They do a great job and are always very thorough. We will use them again next month for our tile and carpet cleaning.

SERVPRO St. Augustine did a very thorough job and were very good about taking care of all of the common areas in our hotel. We will use them again in the future. 

This was a mold/cleaning job that Keshia and Tameka worked on. Certificate of Satisfaction received all 10's in all areas of service.

Way to go team !

SERVPRO St. Augustine was called to this home after a plumbing issue. The water was extracted quickly and efficiently. Laura gave Jake and his team all 10's.

" Jake was professional and polite. He was awesome and very helpful"

Ms. Powers called us to her home after a pipe broke and was flooding her home and floors that bordered the carpet. She was extremely happy we were able to extract and dry the water from her home 2 days before Thanksgiving !

All 10's in all categories!

Andrew hit a home run with all 10's for service and production.

Fire in her apartment building changed her life. SERVPRO was able to put her life back in order. All 10's for SERVPRO !

Mr. Creekmore was very pleased with our company. We had him dried out in no time. All 10's in his book !

This was a Technical school.

All 10's very happy with our service.

Mr Mitchell was extremely pleased with his carpet cleaning results. He gave us all 10's ! 

Tameka Carpet Cleaning, 10/10!

SERVPRO received 10/10 for excellent service !

Sean gave us 10/10 for Excellent service.

Jabora was very helpful and informative during this entire process. 10/10

The SERVPRO guys were awesome !


Positive feedback on a sewer job. 8/10

The guys did an exceptional job and my expectations they met much better than expected.  They did an ec=xcellent job and I would call them againnto do any additional work that I may need done in my home. They were all terrific.  10 +

Jabora id Fantastic !

10 out of 10 !

Great Job. Everyone at SERVPRO was professional and thorough. 

SERVPRO rescued us again. This time it was during Hurricane Matthew. We have water intruding into our X-Ray rooms and 1 operating room and they sent out a crew during the storm to start mitigating.  

9/10, Thank you SERVPRO of St. Augustine.

I appreciate the staff taking the extra time to work on spot removals and move and block furniture. I highly recommend SERVPRO of St. Augustine.

10/10, SERVPRO of St. Augustine helped with my repair work.

10/10, I was confident in the knowledge and professionalism of the SERVPRO of St. Augustine Team.

I am satisfied with the Emergency Services performed by the SERVPRO Franchise's Emergency Response Team, 10/10.

What a great job your team did getting the smoke cleaned up from our fire.

Thank you SERVPRO for getting rid of the smoke and smell from our home. We thought the smell would not ever be gone, but your team did a fantastic job. Thank you again.

This team did an outstanding job and our guest never knew they were here working. Very diligent. Took care of everything.

What a great job your team did getting rid of the mold in our home. They were knowledgeable, professional and reliable.

We sustained heavy flooding during the hurricane and SERVPRO of St. Augustine was in our building the next morning ready to start work and get us dry so that we could get back open. Thank you SERVPRO of St. Augustine.

Thank you SERVPRO of St. Augustine for getting my sofa clean and smelling fresh. You guys did a great job!

Jabora and Mark did a job very well done.

Thank you so much for helping us clean up our home after Matthew. Your team was awesome!

SERVPRO of St. Augustine did a fabulous job getting us back on and running. They were timely and the crew never gave up on the job until it was finished.

Great service and professional. The men were very nice. I'm glad I called the Florida crew. They helped me through a tough situation with professionalism and compassion. Very much appreciated.

Guys did an amazing job with storm clean up. Cleaned floor better than most have been able to. Give them all a raise. Great service with great attitude. Would use them again.

We are so thankful that these men were here to help us in our time of need. What a wonderful act of kindness and compassion to come here and help us clean up after the storm. They were awesome and we will tell everyone about the great experience that we had.

Rob worked very well with us. Very knowledgeable with his procedures and work ethic.

The communication was fantastic during the whole process. I never once had to call to find out about the progress of my remediation. 

SERVPRO has a great team they are all very professional, knowledge and professional. Would recommend this company to anyone.

Top notch service from this company. The team was very responsive and kept me informed through out the process. I hope I do not have to use them again, but if I ever have water issues again I will be calling SERVPRO of St. Augustine.

The team from SERVPRO was very polite and helpful. They were prompt, answered all my questions and concerns and I would certainly use them again and recommend that anyone having mold issues call them. They are very quick to respond.

Rodney is extremely knowledgeable, courteous and very professional. Process was very quick and just as Rodney explained it would be.

With gracious thanks for your support of Celebrate 450!

SERVPRO of St. Augustine's office staff was courteous, polite and helpful throughout the duration of my carpet cleaning and deodorization.

Courteous and nice.

Donnie and Jason clearly explained the cleaning process and I was confident in their knowledge and professionalism.

Mark and Mario were great! They were so nice and courteous and did an outstanding job.

SERVPRO of St. Augustine's on-site personnel were prompt, courteous and attentive to my concerns.

The team was just awesome. They were great guys, prompt, helpful and professional.

Pleased with your work.

SERVPRO of St. Augustine Technician, Rodney was prompt and courteous.

What a wonderful job this team did. Donnie knows his stuff.

Jason and Rodney of SERVPRO of St. Augustine clearly explained the cleaning and restoration process throughout the duration of the mold remediation.

SERVPRO of St. Augustine was so professional and prompt to help meet our needs. They were courteous and polite not only to our staff but to the guests staying at our property. I would use them again and recommend anyone that has water damage or clean up needs to contact SERVPRO of St. Augustine.

SERVPRO of St. Augustine’s on-site technicians who performed carpet cleaning at my house impressed me.

Tile and Grout Cleaning 10/10.


Donnie and Rodney were so helpful and very extremely professional, very nice!

Rodney 10/10.

I was confident in Rodney's professionalism and knowledge when he did the carpet cleaning at my home.


I would use SERVPRO of St. Augustine again with my future cleaning and restoration needs.


I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the Matanzas Inlet Beach Clean-up on the 25th. I considered it to be a very successful first-time event, and it would not have happened without your participation. We picked up a lot of trash, pulled up a lot of invasive sweetclover, and got several compliments from visitors when they found out what we were doing!

Rodney did a very good job. We were very pleased with the prompt, professional service.

We are very happy with the service/professionalism your home team provided. Anyone that has water damage or any kind of clean up and restoration needs should call SERVPRO of St. Augustine.


The crew was very courteous, prompt, and professional.

I am very satisfied. Would use them again and recommend them to my friends.

Mike A. and Severiano 10/10.


Ms. Jabora as Team Leader, Donald, and Mario worked well as a Team to satisfactorily completing this phase of the process restoring my home. They worked as professionals in their area of expertise and we were pleased with the result of the job. Thanks for the courteous and caring performance.


During this trying experience the team from SERVPRO were the best and very responsive to our needs. Thank you so much!

This team was always on time and did what they said they were going to do. Michael and Sev did an excellent job. I am very pleased.

Jabora did an awesome job leading this team. They were always on time, professional and very knowledge and did a great job explaining to us the process. We are very pleased with how everything turned out.

Great customer service

Very friend company. They know their stuff and were very helpful throughout the process.

Jacob did an excellent job of cleaning the carpets.

Very Professional. Jake was great to work with.

Rob worked very well with us. Very knowledgable with his procedures and work ethic.

What an amazing team. SERVPRO of St. Augustine did a fabulous job cleaning our house and carpets. I would recommend them to anyone that has any type of cleaning needs in their home or business.

Jake and Donnie did an awesome job cleaning our carpets. I would not use anyone else but SERVPRO of St. Augustine to clean any of my rentals or business. They can be trusted to give perfect service and quality of work.

What mess to come into work and find water everywhere. SERPVRO of St. Augustine sent out a fabulous team. Jason and Jabora are true professionals that know how to put someone a ease by talking them through the job and explaining everything that would happen. They have been a joy to work with and I would recommend that if you have water damage your home or business to call them.

Tim did a great job and was super friendly.